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Nahi dekhne ka matlab yah nahi ki ham sabhi baato par viswas kar le. Jo ki tarkpurn hai unhi par viswas kiya ja sakata hai. Mana ki khuda hai. Agar wo itana bada jo puri duniya ko bana sakta hai aur bahut nek, dayalu bhi hai to wo choti-choti baato jaise chote masum symbol dwara apni pooja na hone par unhe narak me tarah tarah ki yatnaye nahi dega. Aur itne chote dil ka nahi ho sakta hai. Ye Galat hai.

no person is Protected in a very male dominated society, india wasn't a male dominated state before islamic invasion,even queen utilized to sit with king in darbaar

oh yeah and dont neglect to provide a reference for where by vedas converse about muhammed and avatarism make sure you.

eik vedanti jo na ved parh sakta hai aur na uske satya hone paritna vishws karta hai ki use phailaye?? damaging vedanti..

But after the Islamic invasion when Islamic invaders raped, killed and compelled many Indian Females to just accept Islam then almost everything improved and Sati pratha, female infanticide, custom of Ghunghat or Parda ended up the only real selections left for the Indians to save lots of Indian women from cruel and lusty Islamic invaders.

wah wah agniveer ji aap wo kaam kar rahe hai ki aane wali saari manav jaaati aapka upkar manegi jo aaap unne islam ke andhkar se sanatan dharam ke prakash mai laaye ho ,islam jo ki aatannk ka doosra naam hai ,anpad gawar logoin ki jamat hai ,jisne duniye ko koi enable nahi kiya einstine ,aryabhat ,jaise vaigyaniko ko aajtak paida nahi kar saka us islam se aap unne bacha rahe hai ……jai ho jai ho ….aapka jai ho…..we should always bycott Periods OF INDIA & NDTV INDIA at the same time…..

Everyone knows the answer. Zakir Naik has supplied it quite a few occasions – that even essentially the most noble human being in the world must burn up in Hell forever if he / she will not have confidence in Quran, Muhammad and many others etc! So now you really know what these fanatics mean if they assert that Islam stands for peace!

Don’t think you'll be able to’t do but think you can do all the things which can be done and you have electrical power to try this.

arabc to english translation is finished by your scholors we go through them and even When you have expertise about islam it doesnt mean something i have analyzed all primary religions and islam and christianity are usually not accurate if you would like believe in islam then you can consider

Ever Considering that the Crusades, folks in the west have witnessed the prophet Muhammad as being a sinister figure. During the twelfth century, Christians were being fighting brutal holy wars versus Muslims, even though Jesus experienced told his followers to like their enemies, not to exterminate them. The scholar monks of Europe stigmatized Muhammad like a cruel warlord who proven the Phony faith of Islam by the sword.

Expensive AD, you have been likely to give me your evidence I think you forgot You were professing I’ll transform hahah lol

It is actually the nature on the soul that it reaps the fruits of its excellent and experienced actions carried out within a future delivery. Soon after leaving its aged overall body it enters these substances because the air, drinking water, medicinal herbs, etc.

it isn't the case that there are only hindus who claim to be familiar with veda, dr. zakir naik a notable muslim scholar demonstrate from his study that veda may very well be teachings of any prophet of islam from Indian subcontinent . it here really is his firm perception that Allah by no means leave any state untouched from hidaya.

And we've been into this mission with utmost truthfulness and honesty given that they by itself are escalators to ultimate bliss – for self and planet!

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